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Welcome to Mind, Body, Spirit
Women's Coaching & Healing Retreat
-A place where women come first-

Mind, Body, Spirit Women’s Coaching and Healing Retreat is a place where women have the space to explore their deepest desires, set goals, and achieve those goals from the privacy of their own homes. We offer judgment-free, nurturing coaching in a private online environment.

MBS Women's Coaching Women's Wellbeing Coach


Helping Women Transform Their Lives Is What We Do!

MBS Coaching Philosophy

Rather than taking another vacation that costs you thousands of dollars for three to five days of relaxation, spend much less than that on a coaching program that yields a lifetime of relaxation!

Here at Mind, Body, Spirit Women's Coaching & Healing Retreat, it is our job to help you improve your life and make it more enjoyable using our habit-change coaching method .

Hi! I'm Coach Sam,


My journey with coaching women happened upon my own transformation after learning to manage the many hats I found myself wearing. 

I went from being single to-- mom, wife, and full-time employee in the blink of an eye--without an instruction manual!

I struggled through years of figuring things out the hard way. The good news is now you don't have to! Book a free consult with me today to reach a place of peace and balance!

Our Services

We Help You In All of These Areas For One Low Price...

Life Balance 

Do you feel like you are always adding new tasks to your to-do list but never crossing anything out?


Our specialization will help guide and inspire you to achieve more of your personal and professional goals and drastically reduce the chaos in your life.

Self Care

Do you need help becoming that version of you that knows she deserves to relax and move through life

with grace?

Invest in yourself by allowing us to show you how to take care of you without sacrificing what's important

to you. 

You've only got one life, don't waste another day living it in ways that make you unhappy.

Health & Wellness

Need  help establishing ways to make your health and wellness a priority?  We help you develop healthy, life-long well-being habits.


We make change lasting, fun and doable for anyone! We will work together on a better diet for you, get you active and together discover any other areas of your life that

need nourishing. 

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