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Effectively Coaching My 9-Year-Old!

I’m a Life, Money and Wellness coach so I’ve started coaching my children with the powerful techniques I’ve learned. Let me share a powerful story that unfolded between last night and today…

Last night my 9-Year-Old, Naomi, and I went through The Wheel of Life coaching exercise and she came up with 4 powerful goals—-totally off of what I thought she would choose. I tell you I am learning some cool things about my children. We think we know everything about them but we don’t 🧐

I’d like to share 2 of Naomi’s 4 goals because they are so powerful coupled with my coaching. Naomi’s first goal is to achieve 2nd place among her siblings with regard to savings. Naomi and I worked together last night during our coaching session and put a plan in place to achieve this goal. I am so happy and thrilled to report that she met her goal today…less than 24 hours later!!! This is so powerful!!!

I was holding onto $50 that Naomi’s grandpa (my dad) gave her. However, Naomi, lost her sister Kerrie’s Crocs shoes which cost $50 to replace. I told Naomi I would give her sister the $50 to replace her shoes if she was not able to find them. I figure that’s only right. I told Naomi she and Kerrie could go to all of their friends’ houses in the neighborhood after school and ask if they have the shoes. Now keep in mind these shoes have been missing for at least 2 weeks.

Naomi and Kerrie went to their friends’ homes as I advised and no one had the shoes. Kerrie gave in and concluded that the shoes could not be found. However, Naomi decided to try one last home—the house directly next to us.

Moments later Naomi walked into the house wearing her sister’s Crocs!!!! I am so happy, surprised and thrilled from this seemingly simple event of finding shoes. You see it’s because it’s much more than that.

(1) Naomi would not have been motivated to put together a plan to find her sister’s shoes if it weren’t for her goal. Once she, through coaching, put together her goal and figured out what’s in it for her, she became motivated! Next, within 24 hours she reached her goal. We will be heading over to the bank to deposit her $50 so she can officially see herself in 2nd place among her 4 siblings. Her youngest sibling is actually in 1st place with savings!

Naomi (right) with her sister Lauren (left)

(2) This story teaches us the power of persevering. Naomi tried that one last house that actually had what she was looking for!

(3) This story teaches us the power of collaborating. Naomi collaborated with me, her coach, to develop and implement a plan that allowed her to get from Point A to Point B.

(4) There are several other lessons that you may have gleaned from this story. Share a Comment below on what you learned from this story or how it made you feel. I’d love to hear from you!

Well, I did say I was going to share another of Naomi’s goals (with her permission of course) but I didn’t think this post would go on for this long so I will save it for next time.

Sam– Life, Money and Wellness Coach, MBA

Until next time honey! 😉

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