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KidsDoc App

I found out about this wonderful app from my kids’ pediatrician. There are things we typically take our kids to the doctor for only to find out we could have resolved the issue with a little knowledge. Or sometimes, we think we know how to handle common things such as nosebleeds but when we’re faced with one we panic and don’t know what to do. Well, I have a resource for you!

Download the KidsDoc app at a one time cost of $1.99 and anytime your kids have a problem (headaches, fever, bee sting, a boil, athletes foot, a cold, dry skin, swimmers ear, motion sickness, rashes, stomach pain, teething….) look it up using the app and it will guide you.

I remember taking my child to the doctor for an earache a day or so after we had gone to the pool. If I had the KidsDoc app I would have known to make a vinegar solution to treat the swimmers ear. I wasted $ and time!

Please note that if your child is exhibiting severe symptoms to seek medical care right away! Don’t rely on the app.

In closing, try this app or share a similar app that you use for illnesses by writing a comment below. We are a mom-tip-sharing community!

Thanks Frantic Mom Friends!

A Frantic Mom 💜

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