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Simple But Sweet…

Yesterday I was hungrily and busily working from home. At this particular moment I just couldn’t step away to cure my hunger. I didn’t communicate to anyone that I was hungry—actually I had not been in communication with anyone in my home because I was working so hard at the moment.

It touched me deeply when

my 12-year old daughter walked into my office and delivered this carefully-made, lovely egg to me!

I was so touched because it was just what I needed and she gave it to me without me having to ask. I believe she felt my spirit and knew what I needed and she delivered.

It also touched me because as moms we are always the giver and it seems no one ever thinks of us. So, for my daughter to (1) think of me and (2) do so at a time when I needed it most…wow this was just a priceless moment that I just had to share!!!!

I will cherish it forever 😍!!!

Until next time…

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