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A Rags to Riches Story.

They lived next door to me.

They oftentimes argued about lack of money, among other things.

They had one modest car and the other was very small.


One day they both pulled into their driveway with brand new cars. They traded in the very small car for an SUV.

The arguments stopped.

One day they told us they would be moving into a brand-new home that they bought with 100% cash!!!

How did they do it???

The wife told me her parents both unfortunately passed away. But fortunately, her parents planned well and left a life insurance policy behind for her that took her family’s lifestyle “from rags to riches”.

The truth is we all will pass away some day. Therefore, let’s plan for our kids/loved ones. I saw the relief and joy on this family’s faces with their newfound financial freedom.

Consider leaving behind life insurance proceeds for your kids. The younger you are when you take out a policy, the less expensive it will be.

Reach out to your insurance agent or you can reach out to one that I know very well. Panthea Watkins, Personal Financial Representative (904) 909-0517 or, (FL residents only).

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A Frantic Mom 💚

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