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E- Doctors

Let me tell you how e-doctors work and how much time you can save using them…

E-doctors are wonderful for routine, non-life-threatening illnesses that require medication. Let me tell you about my experience. I downloaded the Teladoc app to my phone. I entered my information which took 5 minutes. Then I followed the simple process of requesting an e-doctor appointment. I was given the option of using phone video technology (I.e, FaceTime or similar) or receiving a phone call. I opted for the phone call. The doctor called and asked me a few questions and within 5 minutes my prescription was in route to my local pharmacy.

This saved me the pain of having to call the doctor and pray she had a cancellation in order to fit me in. I was able to solve my problem without physically going to the doctor. And best of all, the e-doctor visit cost me only $5! Unbeatable!!!

Try it the next time you experience an illness that is non-life-threatening. You don’t have to lose time or money associated with having to take time off of work. Instead you can “see” the e-doctor during a break at work and pickup your prescription after work.

Also, some pediatricians have kits that allow you to use your smart phone to make e-doctor visits for your kids. Inquire the next time you see your kids’ pediatrician if you’re interested.

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