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Effective Use of Commute Time 🚗

Parents we are so busy day to day—getting the kids up in the morning; getting out of the house; commuting; working all day; keeping in touch with loved ones; reading emails; dealing with family issues; preparing dinner and getting the kids in bed in the evening. Oh and let’s not forget helping with homework!

I was feeling inundated by my day-to-day routine and I felt I just could not get everything done without feeling so tired and like there was not enough time.

So, me being the problem solver I am, I started brainstorming. I remembered I had purchased a nice lap desk for my kids to use a couple of months prior. This lap desk has nice pockets on the side to hold pencils/erasers and other gadgets and it has neat straps that hold your child’s papers down as they are writing (see photo below).

So I started thinking, “Why not put that lap desk in the car and have my kids use it to complete homework during our commutes!” Genius!

Things have not been the same since I’ve started doing this! Now I use commute time to help my children with their homework. (Of course I keep my eyes 👀 on the road–PLEASE do the same!) Why waste that precious time? If kids can get their homework done in the car that frees time at home for the other things that we have to do. Homework is important, there is no way around doing it so I changed what I could—when it gets done. Try it! Its life-changing. You can purchase one by clicking on the Amazon link below. Enjoy!

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