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Get A Snake

My kids seemed to get any and everything stuck down in their bathroom sink…Legos, toothbrushes, small doll accessories-you name it. So, when this happened I would always call my husband and he would get the item(s) out right away. Well……it started happening so frequently that my husband would get to it but it would be a one day delay, then a two day delay and you get my drift.

With four little people and a stopped up sink, that spelled C-H-A-O-S in the mornings!!! I couldn’t handle it. So I remembered we purchased a couple of “snakes” from Lowes for the toilet. They weren’t long enough for unclogging the toilet so we just put them away. (Click on the link below to see a photo of the snake)

Well I figured, hmmm…I could use the other snake, (the clean one 😊) to try and “snake out” whatever was clogging the drain. I tried it and ladies, parents, grandparents let me tell you….I pulled that toothbrush out of the sink drain so fast that one of my daughters said “Wow you have magical powers mommy!” Click on the link above and get a snake. It’s easy to use and at the time of this posting they are less than $6 for three of them! Give one to a friend 😉.

A Frantic Mom 💜

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