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Grocery Store Game

Ladies, with all that you have to do as a mother, wife, woman…., you have to use the Monday through Friday workweek to your advantage. We tend to put everything off until the weekend and then it becomes so much that we can’t get it all done over the weekend. Besides weekends should include some downtime 💆🏽‍♀️.

Well, it turns out you can create the time to do MANY things during the week!!!Let me give you one example…

Sometimes I don’t accomplish getting to the grocery store on the weekends so I go during the week…without the kids. Its amazing and simple! Let me tell you how- I go on my one hour lunch break. Yes! I’m able to drive to the store; get everything I need; check out; and drive back to work and be back in my seat within one hour! Think about it, not too many people are grocery shopping during this time of the day so you can get in and out fast.

Now ladies, in order to do this it takes some planning and focus. I’m able to do this because I have a standard grocery list that I keep in my head….meat, fruits, fresh or frozen vegetables, snacks, drinks/water. I know the general items I need and the quantity so the rest is easy. Here is what I know and do:

The meat my family eats does not change;

I choose fruit according to what is on sale and I get at least 3 different kinds for variety;

Our favorite vegetables are fresh corn on the cob; kale; potatoes (sweet and regular) and I use onions and tomatoes in many dishes so I get these items and I also try different ones.

I choose snacks for my kids that are not too sugary or loaded with fat. Examples include cheese sticks, graham cookies or crackers, granola bars, Goldfish crackers, pretzels, fruit). I get at least 4 different snacks for use both at home and at school. Given the variety of snack choices I go for, I can pick and choose according to what’s on sale so I stay within budget.

The last time I went to the grocery store on my lunch break, not only did I get back to work in an hour, but I spent $99.31 of my $100 budget without a list or calculator!!!

For starters I recommend writing out a list until you get used to shopping off of a mental list rather than on instinct. When you go grocery shopping without a plan it is easy to overspend or not get what you need.

Also, make it a project to clean out your pantry and cabinets within the next month so you can easily see when you’re running low on certain items so you avoid having to make frantic runs to the convenience store (wasting time and money).

Lastly, I want to say it’s worth it to sacrifice one or two lunch breaks each week to take care of necessary tasks. Try it. It is totally worth the improvement in your overall quality of life!

Regards, A Frantic Mom 💜

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