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Increase in 2024!

The thing I like about coaching is it is tailored to you. I just celebrated big wins with one of my clients. She’s stacking the habits she has learned and we are now at a point where I feel she can shift into learning about personal finance.

I will show her how to increase her own credit scores. There is actually an art to increasing your credit score and many people don’t know it. This is where my client gets to gain from my knowledge and expertise. Further, it’s not a one time meeting with me because I get to see how she’s doing with what I’ve taught her during the next coaching session. This is the beauty of a coaching program. If my client is doing well, we move on to the next level or topic. If she’s not doing well, we explore where the disconnect is and I help. I’m her personal, judgment-free guide.

I enjoy helping people improve their finances. I show people how to maximize their 401k benefits as a quick way to increase their wealth and more.

To speak to me about how I can help you, don’t hesitate to set up your free session with me by visiting my website booking page. Don’t let fear or anything else hold you back. Book today!

Also, check out my front-page story in the Natural Awakenings magazine on page 4 using the link below.

Have a great day and I look forward to hearing from those of you who want to make changes in 2024!

Coach Sam

Life, Health and Mom Coach

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