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Shower “Timer”

I’m sure your kids, like mine, get in the shower and do not want to get out. While I want them to be clean, long showers cause delays in getting in bed at night and out of the house in the mornings.

So what I started doing is using a timer and giving my kids 7 minutes each to get in and out of the shower. I give them a 2 minute warning so they know they have to get moving in case they are moving slow.

Using a timer has yielded amazing results in my household. My kids take the timer seriously because I will follow through by making them get out of the shower if they go over their 7 minutes.

Chaos to Calm Action Plan: Try using a timer (on your smartphone) with your children and give them a specific amount of time to take a shower. Use this approach for completing other tasks too. Kids don’t aim at disobeying us. Sometimes they just need us to help them with time management. If you think about it, us adults need help with time management so you can imagine that kids do!

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