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Beautiful Beach Bike Ride

I took some vacation time at the beginning of this new year and I made sure I did things I wanted to do versus mundane tasks like cleaning, organizing, purging, catching up on mail….

So, I drove my friend and I out to our local beach, which is about 20 minutes away from the city we live in. I didn’t tell my friend what we were doing because I knew she would object.

When we got to the beach we went into a surf shop and rented bikes. It turned out to be a magical time!

It was….

An amazing time spent with my friend.

Relaxing. The weather was just right—breezy and sunny.

Something out of our norm: we laughed at one another’s bike-riding skills since neither of us have been on a bike in years.

Great exercise!

Budget friendly…it cost us $20 ($10/hr per person) to create such an unforgettable moment.

Chaos to Calm Action Plan: Try doing something fun that is outside of your norm. Keep it budget friendly so you don’t feel stressed afterward due to overspending. Have a magical time!

With Love, A Frantic Mom 💚

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