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Cake Fun! 🍰

I look for fun and impactful ways to have fun with my children without spending a fortune. My girls and I have a tradition of baking cakes together. Writing this blog post reminds me that we need to bake a cake because it has been a while. Anyway, the cakes in the photo above came about as a result of taking my girls to the store and asking what kind of cake they wanted to make. I was cool with the pink cake but I honestly was scared to purchase the blue one. It just looks too blue! Well I decided to “live a little” so I purchased the blue cake 😯. I let my girls pick the frosting and…….

both cakes 🎂 turned out to be delicious 😋!

Baking cakes with my girls is impactful in multiple ways. (1) We get to spend invaluable quality time interacting with one another. (2) My kids get my undivided attention when we are working on our cakes together. (3) I use this time as an opportunity to teach my kids to follow directions. (4) I also use this time to teach my kids life skills and “need to know to make life easier” information such as cleaning up behind themselves; how to cook; how to crack an egg without getting the shell in the bowl; what to use to clean certain food items up (i.e., grease); how to use a measuring cup; how to work with others to accomplish a task; stove safety tips, etc.

Chaos to Calm Action Plan: Go to your local grocery store with your children and let them pick out a cake and frosting. Go through the entire cake-making process with your children in a fun way. Add to the fun by wearing bakers’ caps or dressing up in fun clothing for the job.

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With Love, to my Frantic Mom Family, friends and visitors 💜

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