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Create a Book Nook!

Have you been trying for what seems like forever to get your children into reading? You give them money to go to the book fair at school, you take them to the library… but they still don’t enjoy reading?

Well moms, put your designing and decorating skills to use and create a cute and cozy book nook space in your kids’ rooms! Make this their own quiet space where they can go and get lost in a book. You know your kids best so put things in the book nook that will lure your kids in but not distract them. Ideas are a pillow with their favorite character; a nice soft rug or a soothing picture. Get creative and get your kids reading!

For extra incentive you can reward your kids with $1 for each book read 😉. You will not need this incentive once your kids get used to reading.

Visit Amazon to get started on choosing items for your kids’ book nook:

A Frantic Mom 💜

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