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Do it “little-by-little”

Work on things little-by-little and you will be surprised by what you accomplish. It’s easy to get discouraged and, as a result, do nothing.

We always have a ton of things to do but we must stop overwhelming ourselves trying to do it all RIGHT NOW.

Break tasks down with 1 big/high priority task and 2 to 3 small/lower priority tasks to perform each day. Today my big task is unbraiding and washing my girls’ hair. I let them wash and condition their own hair because they need to know how to do this and also to lighten my workload.

Tomorrow my big task will be braiding my girls’ hair. I’m not going to try and accomplish unbraiding and re-braiding in the same day because those are big tasks for me and I would become overwhelmed.

My small tasks for today are purchasing a live Christmas tree; returning an item at the mall; and cleaning my upper kitchen cabinets. I cleaned the lower cabinets earlier in the week when I had the time and energy; however, I didn’t overwhelm myself trying to clean both upper and lower cabinets at the same time. I started by doing what I could, the lower cabinets, and I’m completing the job today. Alternatively, I could’ve continued to tell myself that it was too much work and not have started at all 👎🏾.

Many of you are planning to shop for Christmas. Sometimes it can be fun to shop all day but if that’s not your cup of tea, go to 1 or 2 stores today then 1 or 2 tomorrow and/or the next day. In other words, accomplish your shopping in a few days versus trying to do it all in one day. Spreading tasks out over time allows for more enjoyment of the activities you are engaging in. Also, if you start the “spreading-out” of tasks ahead of time, you can enjoy the process without the pressure of possibly missing your deadline.

Life is stressful enough so I wanted to share with you how I remove much of the stress associated with accomplishing tasks.

Until next time…

A Frantic Mom 🌷

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