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Donut Thursday

I’m sure you all make stops at the fast food or donut shop in the morning during the work week. Well, instead of making it a habitual act, why not make it “AN EVENT”? Make it something your children look forward to and earn each week. I’ve learned that we unknowingly spoil our children by giving them so many subtle treats (McDonalds; a toy here and there; taking them to their friends’ birthday parties….). As a result, our children think these treats are their rights rather than privileges.

When I realized this, I stopped randomly taking my kids to the donut shop in the mornings and instead, I chose a special Donut day. I chose Thursday so the donut treat does not come so early in the week that there is no room for “earning” it.

Limiting donut or fast food treats to only one day a week not only aids all of us in teaching our children to value the little things we do for them; but it also helps us with our budgets. Another bonus is that we are guaranteed to get out of the house on time on Thursday mornings since no one will want to miss Donut Thursday!!!

Chaos to Calm Action Plan: Try Donut Thursday with your children. After trying it please come back and write a comment about your experience. Enjoy!

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