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Dysfunctional Homeschooling

Many of you are homeschooling your children just as I am and for most of us it has been challenging in multiple ways. I’d like to share a challenge that I overcame. Since we were “thrown into” homeschooling unexpectedly as a result of Covid-19; we did not have a designated space for our kids to engage in school activities for a span of 8 hours. Whenever our kids did their homework during the typical school year they would do it at the dining room table with the television off.

However, the dining room table could no longer accommodate my kids because I noticed they were getting distracted each time my husband or I walked into the kitchen; or by their little brother running around; or by the Amazon man ringing the doorbell to deliver a package. And they were especially distracted by the television that my husband just could not keep off for 8 hours—-which drove me crazy! My kids would get up a lot from the dining room table. They would listen in on every conversation between my husband and I. They were just not focused…understandably!!!

My kids before….

I dealt with the dysfunction for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year but I was not having it for this current school year! What I decided to do is convert one of the kids’ bedrooms into a school room. We removed the bed and everything else from the room and put in a beautiful wooden school table that my husband and I chose from Ikea. The desk table is designed to suit 4 children. I only allow my kids to keep their school computers and books in their new school room.

What have I noticed since the transition? I noticed my kids are “glued” to their school room. They love being in there! My kids focus better and my oldest daughter enjoys staying in the room and completing all of her assignments for the day before she starts playing. She now takes pride in her school work.

In case you’re wondering where I put my daughter whose room I converted….I simply have her sleeping in the same room with one of her siblings.

Do you use a school-room or similar setup for homeschooling your kids? Share with us your homeschool setup or any tips that you have by leaving a comment below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe below!

With Lots of Love, A Frantic Mom 👜

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