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Frantic Mom Spaghetti 🍝

Items and Ingredients: meat of your choice (ground turkey/beef/sausage); spaghetti pasta; 1 large onion; two 16 oz. cans of spaghetti sauce; olive oil; your favorite seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic, beef boullion, onion powder….); a pot for boiling your spaghetti noodles and a pan for your spaghetti sauce.

  1. Boil your spaghetti noodles.

  2. Pour a large cooking spoon full of olive oil into your pan and heat it at slightly less than medium heat.

  3. Add your meat and brown it.

  4. Add your spaghetti sauce to the same pan with your meat.

  5. Dice your onion into 4-6 chunks then blend the onion so it liquefies. This takes the taste of your spaghetti to a different level! It makes it taste exotic/gourmet. Pour the liquefied onion into the pan.

  1. Add your seasonings to the spaghetti sauce mixture.

  2. Let your spaghetti sauce cook for at least 7 minutes on less than medium heat so all the seasonings blend.

  3. Rinse your noodles once they are done and add olive oil in the pot with them so the noodles do not stick and get mushy.

Serve your spaghetti sauce atop the noodles. Don’t forget to add some bread and boiled frozen veggies as I did 😊!

A Frantic Mom

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