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I Charge My 7, 9, and 11-Year-Olds Rent

Yes, I’ve started charging my kids rent and I hope you charge your kids too. No, I did not start this ritual as punishment. In fact, I started it so they learn life’s major responsibilities early on.

I charge each child…

$1 per month for rent. If they pay after the first day of the month, they have to pay a $2 late charge in addition to their $1 rent; for a total of $3.

Thus far, my 7-year-old has been most responsible! She paid 6 months rent in advance! The first day I introduced rent payments to my kids, she paid for 5 months; then the next day she came up to me with another $1.

Today my 9-year-old approached me with $1 for April rent! Awesome!

I will see what my 11-year-old does. I’m not reminding my kids to pay. I want them to learn to prioritize their responsibilities.

I share this with you as it is a fun way to teach your kids an important lesson!

Until next time…

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