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Involve Kids In Cleaning

If you want to make your choreload at home easier, involve your kids…and your spouse. As women, we typically do the bulk of the domestic work at home but I’m here to tell you that you no longer have to do it all alone. Involve your kids in helping with household tasks!

Give your children age-appropriate tasks to help relieve you. You will be surprised to find that your children will be more than happy to help if you show them what to do. My 8-year old daughter folded and stacked the clothes shown in the picture. She does it gladly because she know’s her work is helping her parents.

Chore time doubles as quality time spent with your kids if you get involved in the chores with them. Imagine you and your kids folding clothes together 🥰. Sometimes I fold the clothes and my daughters put them away and they hang certain clothing on hangers and put them in the appropriate closets.

There are many benefits to exposing children to chore work. Experience with chores help children when they become adults. Our kiddos will not always live under our roofs so we need to give them the tools they need to become thriving adults.

Chaos to Calm Action Plan: Schedule some time to sit your kids down and show them how to fold. Marie Kondo ( has a cool folding technique to help preserve space. After showing your kids how to fold, work together on your next laundry day as I’ve described in this post. It will be a fantastic bonding time between you and your kids! Leave me a comment to let me know how it went!

With Love, A Frantic Mom 💜

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