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It’s Okay To Charge Your Spouse & Kids 💰

Hello Ladies,

I want to share a few fun, yet effective, things I’ve tried recently. So, I have, or I should say, had, a problem with my kids remembering to buckle their seatbelts when they got into my car. We all know it’s very dangerous for kids to ride around unbuckled because they can get injured severely or even be ejected from the vehicle in the event of an accident.

So in order to get my kids to comply I…

toyed with charging them a $3 per infraction seatbelt fine. The main culprit, my free-spirited, 7-year-old, got her act together after racking up $18 in seatbelt fines!💰 I had no shame or sad feelings about taking her money. It’s too important a matter for me not to have imposed this strict fine on her.

Wait! I didn’t stop there. Let me get to my husband. I am charging him a monthly fee to help him get organized and to be his financial planner 😍. He tried to negotiate on the fee I’m charging him but I told him the amount he pays has to “hurt” a bit so he takes my help seriously.

I believe in doing things differently and trying new things to get a different result. I got the outcome I was seeking from my kids and I’m confident I’ll get a fantastic outcome from my husband.

See how this same practice can work for you in your home!

Until next time ladies…

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