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Mom Tip #6: Fully Accept Your Blessings!

Hello Ladies,

I want to ask each of you to begin to fully accept your blessings. What I mean is, when someone does something for you or gives you something, receive it! Accept it without guilt or feeling obliged to reciprocate.

When we do not allow ourselves to fully receive a gift a person is blessing us with, not only are we failing to fully embrace our blessing, but we are failing to allow the giver to carry out his/her mission of giving to us.

Take It! Receive It!

If someone offers to run an errand or do our hair or makeup or give us something, we should not always reciprocate financially. Let’s allow a heartfelt “Thank you” to suffice. This very thing is something I have realized and opened myself up to practicing and I want you all to take this journey with me. As I learn and grow, I share with you all.

Now ladies, I’m not saying to be miserly and never give to others or offer people something in return for what they do for you. I’m simply saying we should practice offering something in return, much less than we do.

Please leave a comment below sharing your thoughts on this topic or an experience that relates to this topic.

Until next time, A Frantic Mom! 🥰

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