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Mom Tip# 7: Spruce It Up!

I’m sharing some quick ways you can spruce up your home without spending a fortune!

Buy good quality air freshener. Don’t go cheap here. I’ve found that the better the quality of the air freshener, the longer the fresh smell lingers.

Change the wall outlets/socket covers. This will instantly give any home a cleaner look.

Change your curtains/drapes. Find a good deal at stores like Marshall’s, Home Goods and JCPenney.

Paint interior doors white for that fresh, clean feel.

Buy large decorated boxes to put your belongings in. Add style and organization to the room versus having papers and random items all over the place. These can be found at Home Goods, Burlington, Ross and Marshall’s stores.

Change your lightbulbs to brighten your home.

If you have other quick ways to spruce up your home. Please share with the rest of us using the Comment box below. Also, if you are not a subscriber to this blog, please become one using the new subscriber link below.

Until next time….A Frantic Mom 👜

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