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My Sweet Treasures…

Hello my blog family!!!

I want to share with you a drawing I received from my 6-year-old daughter. My daughter knew she upset me with her behavior so in addition to verbally apologizing to me she decided to draw a picture and let me know she was truly sorry. I really appreciate the time she took to neatly color the picture and to put in lots of details to express her sorrow to me. It indicates her respect for me and my feelings. These things are my sweet treasures because it is one way that lets me know that I’m doing a great job as a mom.

And just so you know, my daughter told me I’m the one with the ponytail in the picture because I’ve been wearing my hair in a ponytail lately. And she told me she is the one with the beads because I recently put beads in her hair. More of her details! It tickled me 😁. I will cherish these things forever. 💜

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