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Sneaky Things Kids Do. A Mom’s Checklist.

1. Check their backpacks…they sneak things off to school. 🍭 🍬 🧸 🎒. I’ve been embarrassed by my daughter’s teacher informing me that my daughter brought toys in to school more than once. I had absolutely no idea and was quite shocked because my daughter knew better. I felt clueless and like I was not in tune with what my child was doing 😩.

2. Check under their beds…you’ll be surprised 😮. I’ve found chicken bones, banana peels, remotes, money, my stuff that I had been searching for for ages; and who knows what else!

3. Check their teeth and have them show you how they brush. They should be brushing each tooth in a circular motion. Cavities = 🤑 out of your pocket and bad oral hygiene habits that flow into adulthood.

4. Check in frequently to see what they are viewing on social media. Find out what your kids are being influenced by. You’d be surprised. Don’t assume “Oh my child is a good kid” or “My child would never…”

5. Above all, Check in frequently to find out how your kids are doing emotionally 💜. This is an easy and effective way to stay connected to your children. Ask them how they think you are doing as a parent. They will tell you what you are doing well and also where they need more of you.

A Frantic Mom 💜

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