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Treasure Box

Want to reward your children randomly for things you feel are worthy of praise? …without breaking your budget?

Let me tell you what I do that can also work for you. I purchase items I find at the dollar store or on sale and I put them into my home “Treasure Box”. When my kids do something awesome, I have them “Go to Treasure Box”. I put cool things in our Treasure Box such as bathbombs, small toys, cool stickers, cute notepads/pens/pencils, etc.

Also, my mom loves sending her little grannies neat items all of the time so instead of “giving” these items to my kids I allow them to “earn” them. I still give my mom credit as the one who gave the gift to them 😊. I’ve found that (outside of birthday and other special occasion gift-giving events) my children value things they have to earn more so than things simply given to them.

My kids love Treasure Box and I’m sure yours will too. A home Treasure Box can even work with older children. Just make the rewards age-appropriate and perhaps give the box a cooler name such as the “Amazing Teen Box” so older kids don’t think it’s“babyish”. Ha ha!

One last tidbit. My children recently came up with the idea of creating custom coupons to put in the Treasure Box. The rewards they requested on the coupons? sleep with mommy and to have one-on-one time with mommy. How precious 🥰❤️.

Chaos to Calm Action Plan: Try making a home “Treasure Box” for your kids and reward them for random kind acts; for helping you without your prompting; for doing an awesome job in school or for whatever you deem worthy of a reward. Please come back and write a comment on how this worked for you. We parents love hearing from one another

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