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5 Tips for Deeper Spiritual Life!

Hello ladies!

I’m sharing 5 tips for developing a deeper spiritual life….

1. Read a Bible passage or devotion each day and reflect on the reading to yourself for 5 minutes. Notice your thoughts and feelings after reading the passage.

2. Reach out to someone “new” every week. You know how you have family and friends that you have not talked to in years? Well, you’re not alone, I’m guilty of it too so let’s commit to putting this to an end by challenging ourselves to reaching out to at least one family member or friend that we have not talked to in more than 3 months. Call them and find out how they are doing. You don’t have to have a script, instead see where the conversation goes. I believe there is real beauty and treasure in relationships.

3. Listen to a spiritual leader on YouTube. I personally enjoy listening to Pastor/Dr. Dharius Daniels.

4. Give to someone without judging them.

5. Sign up for a course or program that will enrich your life and move you to the next stage of determining your God-given assignment. You can check out my site if you are truly interested in mind, body and spiritual coaching at

If coaching is not your thing, you can find an online self-paced course. I recommend searching Udemy because they have all kinds of courses that suit all budgets.

Coach Sam…a.k.a, A Frantic Mom

Mind, Body, Spirit Women’s Coaching & Healing Retreat LLC.

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