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Build Kids’ Faith

Even if you are not into church, get your kids involved. You will likely eventually get into it but right now the focus is on your little ones. Most churches offer biblical education for children during the week. Commit to taking your children each week. Get your children around others that are focused on living according to God’s wishes for our lives. It can only be good! Don’t make excuses. If your schedule is tight, figure out what you can let go of in order to make time. Some things you can do to make time to achieve this include:

  1. Drop one of the sports that your children are involved in. 🏀

  2. Plan better so you don’t have to make frequent stops during the week (see my upcoming posts for help with this).

  3. Ask a family member to take your children for you. 🚗

  4. Alter your work schedule using flex time so you can take your children.

It is well worth it. Do it! You and your children will be glad you did!

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