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My Son’s First Day of School

My 5-year-old son attended elementary school (kindergarten) for the first time this year. When he got home from his first day of school, I asked him all about it. My son told me his teacher asked him and his classmates to stand up individually and tell the class their name, favorite color and who or what they love the most.

When it was my son’s turn, he stood up with great eagerness and poise and told the class his name and that his favorite color is green; and what touched me the most was that he said “And I Love God!”


My son loves God and knows His importance and influence in and over his life so much that he shared it with his class! This is wonderful! Priceless!

I share this story with you to encourage you to continue: to read those faith-based books to your kids; to take your kids to church; to watch your faith-based programs in your kids’ presence; and to expose your kids to as much of God’s love and teachings as possible because they are taking it all in…absorbing it all, unbeknownst to us!

God Bless!

Until next time…

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