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Can’t Keep A Clean Carpet With Kids…

Ladies maybe you struggle to keep clean carpets with kids but I don’t so let me give you the playbook…

  1. Restrict eating to hard-surfaced areas such as the dining room and kitchen. However, if your dining area is carpeted like mine, get an indoor/outdoor rug to put under your dining room table. Food does not penetrate this type of rug if you clean it up right away and wet spots dry quicker with indoor/outdoor rugs versus indoor rugs.

  2. Clean spills right away. Do not allow them to penetrate your carpet fibers.

  3. Get a budget-friendly,easy-to-use carpet shampooer. You can get a good one for around $100. You have to pay a carpet cleaning company more than that for one cleaning whereas if you have your own machine you can pay a one time cost and clean your carpets as needed.

  4. Get accustomed to not wearing shoes in the house so you are not tracking dirt from outside in onto your carpet.

A Frantic Mom 💜

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