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Don’t Rush Me!

Don’t Rush Me.

Now that I’ve figured out how to slow down and stop rushing, I get disgruntled around people that make me feel rushed as a result of their hurried state. But, rather than being annoyed by these behaviors, I want to help you slow down if you are a “rusher”. Besides, rushing results in stress and anxiety and who needs more of that???

I don’t rush and I don’t feel bad about it because I’ve earned my “No Rushing” rights by doing the following:

  1. I go to bed early so I can get up early enough to cruise to work and take in the beautiful scenery and listen to uplifting radio programs.

  1. I organize my belongings and put them in consistent places to avoid frantically searching for them (misplaced keys).

  1. I plan well! I tackle issues weeks or months in advance. My phone calendar is one of my “best friends” when it comes to organization.

  1. I don’t rush just to stand in long lines. I see people doing this all of the time. Me–I remain productive and wait for the line to go down. This way I don’t waste time standing in a line when I could be doing something fruitful. Patience is key.

By implementing these healthy strategies, I’m able to take it easy and be more productive than people who operate consistently in “rush” mode. As a result, I’m more relaxed during the day and this is how I survive when I get home to my next job–4 kids and a husband. Reduce your stress ladies by implementing these strategies. It is life changing. You can’t beat being able to relax while increasing your productivity! It puts you in a more natural mental state which allows you to actually think rather than just doing things out of habit and memorization.

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A Frantic Mom 💜

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