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During These Rough Times…

Good afternoon fellow parents,

I hope and pray that each of you and your loved ones are weathering this difficult time as best as you can. Please stay safe and sanitized to avoid the Coronavirus. 🙏🏾

Many of us are venturing into online learning for our school-aged children for the first time ever 😲 and I just want to quickly share useful information. I’m sure you all have been receiving emails from your children’s schools in preparation for online learning

and this can be overwhelming alongside all the other chaos we are experiencing.

To help you with the emails, set up folders within your email Inbox to keep your emails organized. Setup a folder for each one of your children and you can setup sub-folders within those folders for each of your child’s classes.

Additionally, I want to share an amazing resource to help you do a mass cleaning of your email Inbox in only a fraction of the time it would take if you manually cleaned/unsubscribed from individual emails. Cleaning out your email Inbox will help make things more manageable for you and your children and keep you all organized!

Go to and register so you can complete a free mass email unsubscribe session. simply “asks” you what email senders you want to unsubscribe from and you check a box indicating yes you want to unsubscribe from the respective email sender.

What I love about is that they send you an email every so often asking if you want to unsubscribe from emails so you do not forget to continuously clean out your emails. Email providers share our email addresses with other businesses so that explains why we receive so much email!

So go ahead and get your email Inbox organized and don’t mistakenly unsubscribe from my emails. ❤️

Until next time…Stay safe everyone!

A Frantic Mom

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