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I Once Hated It, Now I LOVE—The Thrift Store!

As a kid, I was forced to go through the painful process of going to the thrift store most weekends. I hated going because we were there for hours upon hours with my mom and my mom would go to multiple thrift stores 😳.

Going to thrift stores was not enjoyable to me because I likened it to the proverbial “searching for a needle in a haystack”. Thrift stores have such an overwhelming amount of stuff and many did not organize the items well back in my day.

Well, fast forward to adulthood…I have a newfound appreciation for thrift stores. I actually love shopping around in them 😊. I NEVER thought I would say that!

The difference between my thrift store shopping method and my mom’s is that I go in with specific items in mind versus looking around to see what jumps out at me. Therefore, I’m not in the thrift store for hours and I’m able to enjoy “thrifting”.

I recommend you all try the thrift store if you don’t already. Let me show you a few of the deals I’ve found.

I got this lamp for $10 at the thrift store. I was able to return a very similar one I purchased from Marshall’s for $40. I saved $30!

My kids are always somehow ripping a strap or some other part of their book bags so I did not leave this $2 beauty behind! Book bags are expensive!

Yes, you see that $2 price tag! This wristlet is in new condition.

Feel free to post a photo or leave a comment about your cool thrift store finds!

Until next time…

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