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Ladies Get Organized…

Feeling stressed and like you just can’t seem to get on track? Well, you are not alone. If, no matter how hard you try you can’t get caught up or get it together, I recommend using your vacation/personal time to take off and get yourself organized! Vacation/personal time is not just for taking trips.

Before taking time off, you need to determine what you realistically want to accomplish. You may want to get your paperwork or your family’s clothes organized or clean the garage. Start with a project that if completed, you will immediately become more efficient and less stressed.

In the days before you take your time off you need to start gathering the things you need to accomplish your goal. If you need other people to help you, ask them now. Remember to put together a contingency plan in the event that the person agreeing to help you becomes ill or has another unforeseen event come up that could interfere with your plans. The more planning you do before taking off, the more time you can commit to the specific project for which you are taking the time off.

While engaging in your project, make sure you are getting adequate rest each night; staying hydrated and eating healthy. Also, take breaks as needed while completing your project. It’s okay to have some fun! Lastly, come back and write a comment letting me know how everything went.

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