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Quick Organization Tip!

Hello everyone!

I have a quick home organization and efficiency tip for you!

I mounted the decorative mailbox in the photo below to use not only for holding car keys, but, I got creative with how I use the mail slot just above the key holders.

Well, you know how your kids are always coming home with papers for you to read and sign? Right?

So, I told my kids to start putting such papers into this mail slot and when I’m done reading and signing them they can retrieve the papers from the mail slot.

Also, I strategically placed this mail holder next to the front door so items are visible as my kids are leaving out for school in the morning.

It was so cool to see my mailbox “in action” this morning when my 7-year-old asked me for her signed report card. I said “Look in the mailbox.” She smiled as she was delighted to see my system working just as I described it to them!

I got this mailbox from Burlington for about $8. Try this out. I hope it works fantastically for you!

Until next time…

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