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Millennials…Do They Know How To Write Letters?

I was addressing my Christmas cards when I asked my 7-year-old daughter to help me put address labels and stamps on the envelopes. It was then that I noticed this is a lost skill. With all the technology millennials are exposed to there is almost no need to ever send a physical letter through the US postal service.

Therefore, I used this opportunity to teach my daughter: the postage stamp goes in the upper right corner of the envelope; the sender’s address goes in the upper left corner and the receiver’s address goes in the middle of the envelope.

I know there will come a time when my kids have to send a letter or a card via the Postal Service so it’s important to teach them how to do that. This lost skill is not being taught in most schools so parents please teach your kids this skill. You can do it in a fun way as I did by addressing Christmas cards. You can also do it when you mail birthday cards 🎈.

If you didn’t know how to address an envelope, now you do because I just told you how 😉.

With Loads of Love, A Frantic Mom 🧡

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