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Mom Tip# 8: Check It Much Less Than You Do…No, Not Your Phone!

Here is a wonderful time-saving, stress-relieving tip…

I’m currently at a great point with regard to time management. Even though I’m good at it (now), I still look for small time management wins because they really do add up!

What I’ve started doing is…

checking my mail only on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

When I check my mail, I also handle whatever is in my mailbox right away so mail or any matters I need to address do not accumulate.

Many, if not all, of us have been afraid to check our mail at some point for fear of receiving random bills or some other bad news.

However, as your friend, I’m here to encourage you to face whatever comes your way head-on.

If it’s a bill you cannot afford to pay, set up a payment plan. There is nothing you can’t handle, and by putting things off you only make things worse.

Now you may be thinking “What happens if you receive something important in between your mailbox visits?” Well, if it’s that important the sender would FedEx it to me, Right? 🤓.

Until next time…

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