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My Biggest Fears…

I was talking to my daughters the other day and I randomly thought about sharing my biggest fears with them.

The first…Falling off of a building. 🤷🏾‍♀️

The second…Drowning

The third…Being eaten by a bear 🐻 .

I know 🤷🏾‍♀️.

Well…. we did have a bear roaming around our community two years ago. So okay, this makes sense to me now. The community first saw the bear (they named it Samson) at the Chilis restaurant in our area. What’s scary for me is my neighborhood is surrounded by preserved land which is forestry that cannot be developed. So, with forestry all around me, I’m thinking there is a big chance of seeing a Samson any day 😳.

Thankfully though, I have not heard of any other bear sightings in the area over the last 2 years!


After sharing my biggest fears I asked my girls what their biggest fears are. It was actually a lot of fun talking about and laughing about our fears. I mean, how likely is it that I will fall off a building?

Well my girls’ fears…

Snakes (2) 🐍

Being bitten by a shark (2) 🦈

Big roaches 😂, and

Getting lost in the woods 🌳.

This was a lot of fun so I share this with you so you can ask your kids this same question. Talk about these things and allow your kids to learn that fears are normal and that even us parents have fears. This may help your children process their fears better. You may discover your children have fears you can easily help them with. You may have a blast (as I did) talking about them. Hey, by talking about my fears and writing about them here, I discovered where my bear fear came from. I think it will help me get over this fear.

If you can get over your “fear“, share one of your biggest fears in the Comments below 😊.

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Until next time…

A Frantic Mom ❤️

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