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My Blood Pressure Is What??? 😲

I went to the doctor soon after writing my post “Forgetting To Take Care of Me” wherein I speak about forgetting to go for my annual doctor visit.

I never had elevated blood pressure until midway into my fourth and last pregnancy at age 36. I thought my prehypertension blood pressure readings would go away after having my son but they did not.

A year went by, then two years and I continued to have prehypertension blood pressure readings.

When I went in to my doctor a few months ago, just before my 40th birthday I received the best gift ever! The nurse read my blood pressure reading and I said “What?”, say that again! She said “102/70”. 😍🙏🏾

I attribute my drastic improvement in blood pressure to my commitment to decluttering my living space and organizing all aspects of my life which in turn, reduced my stress level. Stress is cited as one of the causes of high blood pressure.

I want to help each of you with these areas in your life because they are pain points that many of us struggle with. Stay tuned for more discussion and videos on organizing, decluttering and other important topics for bringing out the best version of you.

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I hope this article inspired you to enhance your journey to attain or maintain good health!

A Frantic Mom

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