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New Year, Fresh Start!

New Year, Fresh Start.

A Frantic Mom.

Do you want more out of life? Are you tired of financial troubles? Weight that you can’t lose? Plans that you can’t seem to put into action? Or, utter chaos at home moms?

Well, that’s where I come in to help you reach your goals using fun, encouraging, supportive, transformational coaching programs at the:

Mind Body Spirit Women’s Coaching & Healing Retreat.

Client Testimonials

Sameatria is an incredible coach! I was feeling quite overwhelmed and stuck in life, knowing that I needed to make several changes, but unsure where to start. Sameatria helped me unpack the mental clutter and gave me the tools to create a clear path for my future. I felt inspired, encouraged, empowered, and deeply supported throughout our work together.”

-L. Miller

Where do I even begin?! Coach Sam helped to open my eyes and find direction at a time in my life where I felt as if I were lost and moving in circles. She helped bring clarity to what was blurry. The tips and life hacks that she presented to me have been most useful. Thank you Sam for making my view clear again and not so foggy.


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