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Pick One Thing You Want…

Pick one thing you want to work on in your life and…

go after it! Make it a big goal. One that you promise yourself you will not quit going after until you accomplish. Be creative in your approach toward reaching this goal. Think “outside of the box”. Pray about it and tell the world you WILL accomplish this goal!!

Visualize yourself having accomplished this goal. Think about it daily. Write out small actions you can take each day to work toward this goal.

If your goal is to get organized, small actions include: going out and getting a few cute storage containers or reading a book or watching a video on home organization.

If your goal is to increase your income, small actions include: learning more than your own function at work; actively recognizing problems or risks and presenting solutions to your manager or reading books on how successful people have increased their income.

You can do it! Let’s do it together! Go after those amazing dreams. The world is waiting for you 😊

A Frantic Mom 💜

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