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Too Many Pairs of Shoes

We make purchases oftentimes without much thought because we have the means to do so by way of credit cards or the fact that we just got paid. We end up accumulating so much stuff that we do not even use. Look around you and take note of all the new storage facilities that are being constructed. The storage industry is booming thanks to us and our unwise purchases. Why do we overconsume? To keep up with others?; as a way to deal with other issues?; due to lack of self control?

I encourage you all to begin putting more thought into your purchases. Ask yourself if you or your loved ones need that new IPad or pair of sneakers or latest cooking gadget. Redirect these funds toward paying off debt and building wealth…investing it in your 401k is one easy option.

With Lots of Love 💕

A Frantic Mom 🧡

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