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6 Fun Home Learning Tricks!

I sit my kids down at my dining room table below and these are some of the activities we engage in. Most of these are not typical activities which is what makes it fun.

1. Have your kids attend your “Home Economics” class wherein their assignment is to bake a cake or perform some other domestic chore under your guidance.

2. Group spelling challenges. Using letter cards, give your kids a word to spell together. Everyone must assist with spelling that word using letter cards. Using the word “bookbag” as an example–a child who is just learning to spell can listen for and select the beginning letter “b” and the ending letter “g”. Your kids will construct the word then ask you if their spelling is correct. Repeat with a different word.

3. Money Talk. Teach kids the difference between debit cards (your money) and credit cards (borrowed money). Talk about what happens if you don’t ensure you have enough money on your debit card when carrying out a transaction and what happens if you overuse credit cards.

4. Geography. Use US state cards to teach kids about the states one by one. They will be fascinated.

5. Give kids a suffix such as “op” or “ice” and give them 60 seconds to create as many words as possible. Encourage kids to think of double-letter prefixes too such “fl” to make flop or “pr” to make price. I give my kids 1 extra minute of swimming pool time for each word they are able to create.

6. Pay Your Bills. Give kids a list of bills that they must pay (mortgage, electricity…) in addition to other items they may need (clothes, food) and add some want items (eating out, new tablet, going to Disneyworld). Give your kids a certain amount of play money which will represent their paycheck for the month. Have your kids determine how they would spend the money. Also, explain how a better paying job will increase how much money they have available. Don’t forget to teach them to save too. Doing this makes money “real” to kids.

Don’t forget to share a comment with fun learning activities you do with your kids!

A Frantic Mom 💚

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