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An Unforgettable Movie Night….

Last night my kids surprised my husband and I with the best treat. They created 6 movies tickets—one for each family member. Then they invited my husband and I up to their room. When we arrived, we found an incredible club house our kids had built. To get inside the clubhouse my husband and I both had to shimmy through a caterpillar tunnel. Everyone laughed when it was my turn because they just knew mommy’s hips would get stuck in the tunnel. However, I fooled everyone by gracefully “caterpillaring” through the caterpillar tunnel.

Once we got inside the makeshift movie theater, we could see that our kids had suspended a large comforter in the air using the height of their bunk bed set and some other apparatus on the other side of the room to create a tent-like clubhouse. The movie theater staff (my kids) asked us for our tickets and directed us to sit on the cushioned movie theater seats (comforters on the floor) with back rests (their brother’s toddler bed mattress arranged on its side). We were greeted by two huge movie screens (two large portable DVD players) arranged on top of two 20 X 30 plastic toy storage bins).

The six of us comfortably watched Dr. Seuss’s “The Cat in the Hat” movie. My memory is not the best but this is something that I will never ever ever forget. I will remember every single detail forever and remember us all being together in such an intimate and creative way.

Frantic Mom fans, share this post with your kids to give them some ideas on how to make your day and pass this post along to your friends that would enjoy a good quality time story.

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