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Clearing Toxicity

Hi Ladies!

Just before you begin your day today, I want to help you focus on clearing toxicity today and each day moving forward…

Do you know you are in control of who and what you allow into your personal sphere? I believe some of the health problems we suffer with can be prevented, improved or eradicated with a change in who and what we allow around us.

Do you know you absorb the mood and energy of the people around you over time? For some of us it does not take long at all for others to “mess up” our good vibes.

Negative energy and vibes are toxic to our bodies and minds!!! This is something we have to take very seriously. So what do we do?

(1) Don’t ignore or overlook the people, places and things in life that drain you of energy. You want to expose yourself to what positively impacts you. Get rid of, or change in some way, everything else.

(2) Purposely place yourself around people and places that have good energy and vibes. Some ideas are nature, motivational seminars, inspirational conferences, church, the library; and anywhere where you can peacefully be alone.

(3) Be more peaceful and kind yourself.

(4) Practice being patient. Position yourself so you have more time within your day which will allow you to become more patient. Go to bed earlier so you can get up and start you day earlier. Also, map plans out in advance and always have a backup plan. This way, when things go wrong, instead of getting upset, you can immediately switch on your backup plan and remain calm and patient.

Have a fantastic day ladies!!!

Until next time…

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