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Do Something Good for Yourself Today!

Hello Friends!

Its me! A Frantic Mom, here to challenge you to bring out your best self! My challenge to you today is to go out and do something good for yourself. Here are some amazing ideas…

Throw away your old underwear and get new, pretty ones that fit you nicely.

Go to HomeGoods, Marshall’s or Target and buy something small and nice to use in your home office such as a bin to hold your notebooks, an organizer or a placard with a nice quote on it.

Buy vitamins and probiotics and start taking them regularly

Pay the extra money for the fluoride treatment the next time you go to the dentist for your 6-month cleaning

Switch out your toothbrush 🦷

Start using a healthier oil for consumption such as olive or avocado oil

Go to the library and find a self-help book and enjoy it over a nice cup of tea

Sign up for dance classes. Learn a type of dance style that you don’t already know.

Until next time…

A Frantic Mom,

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