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Don’t Let Stress Kill You!

Hello ladies,

I want to share that it is an honor for me to go on the emotional journey that I find myself on during coaching sessions. I feel joyful that women are able to recognize what is bothering them and talk about it. I feel the heaviness on them.

So what do they do with that heaviness and sadness that they recognize within themselves? With “that thing” that bothers them on a daily basis that they constantly tuck away?

Unfortunately, only a few women actually say “yes” to themselves by getting the coaching they need. What I oftentimes asked myself when I felt that same emotional heaviness and grief that I described is:

Of what use would I be to my kids if I allow stress to kill me? The answer is zero! (Stress is linked to heart attacks and strokes according to the Everyday Health:

I also thought to myself that I would not let money be an issue when it comes to my life because if I’m in the grave at an early age due to stress that I knew about but ignored, I would wish, beg and plead to come back to life and spend that insignificant amount of money on tackling my problems if I could come back and do it all over again.

Well, the sad news is that we all know we don’t get to come back and do it all over again. Therefore, I highly encourage you and anyone you know who needs to transform their lives to reach out to me. I have coaching programs for every budget. Don’t let stress kill you or age you early or lead you into to declining health.

Reclaim your power ladies! I did, and I want to help you do the same. As your sister and coach, reach out to me if you want the help you deserve.

You can select one of my coaching programs at and sign up for the program that fits your wallet best. Know that you are worth it!!! If you sign up for a program today, you can use coupon code “NewClient” for $20 off of your first session.

In closing I want to share with you that I’m happier than I’ve been in over a decade. I wish I had known about the power of habit-change, transformational coaching a long time ago because I could have saved myself years of grief. Well, you or your loved ones don’t have to go through that grief and emotional heaviness any longer because I’ve given you the answer to reaching that glowing, happy, loving version of you that is at peace with herself. That version of you who puts herself first because she knows she can only be her best if she takes care of herself first.

If you want to go from screaming and yelling at your kids daily, frequent emotional ups and downs and feeling like your life is being controlled by others, don’t wait! Sign up for a coaching program today!

With great love for each of you and your loved ones, A Frantic Mom, aka Coach Sam

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