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Manage Your Home As You Do Your Job

At work when we are given assignments we don’t want to do (because they are too involved or too much reading/research is required…) we still get the job done despite how “painful” it is for us.

However, when we are facing similar tasks at home that we are totally capable of completing, we put them off for months/years and then we face worse consequences as a result.

A few months ago I gave a speech about a lady named Becky. I explained to my audience that Becky had a $509 medical bill that she allowed to reach collections and, subsequently, her credit report because she ignored it for so long.

Becky knew all along that she didn’t owe the bill and that she should dispute it but she didn’t want to put in 2 hours of online researching and looking through her paper files in order to support her dispute. However, if this were something Becky’s employer demanded of her, she surely would have gotten it done within 2 hours at her $25 hourly pay rate. Can any of you relate yet?

I challenged Becky to think about the $254.50 ($509/2) an hour “payday” she would receive if she put in the 2 hours required to do the research needed to help clear the collection item from her credit report. Not only would she “earn” $509, but she’d also improve her credit; and that’s golden!

Chaos to Calm Action Plan: If you have an issue similar to this one, I challenge you to think of it from the perspective I just described and Get It Done!

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