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Mom Tip #9: Change Follows Change

We all have goals, both big and small. The problem is we find it difficult to carry out our big goals. What I’ve found to be most effective for bringing about any change in life is,

you have to take that first step. It’s imperative! The aim is not making gigantic steps toward accomplishing your goals. Take smaller, more bite-sized/baby steps. By doing this, you don’t instantly feel overwhelmed, but instead you get a boost that motivates you to take the next baby step toward accomplishing your goals.

Take “baby steps“

I’ve found that once I accomplish a goal I’m off to accomplishing the next one without even thinking about it. I’ve also noticed that accomplishing one goal oftentimes has a direct, positive impact on other goals.

Let me give a few examples to make this point…

Example 1: You have a goal of paying off your car. You also have a goal of reaching a positive net worth of $50,000. Paying off your car will simultaneously increase your net worth, getting you closer to your $50,000 net worth goal.

Example 2: You want to move to a neighborhood that is closer to your job and your kids’ school. You buy or rent a home in a community with nice amenities. In fact, you are right across the street from the neighborhood fitness center which makes it easy for you to exercise. In this scenario, you are accomplishing better health via exercise as a byproduct of accomplishing your goal of moving to a new neighborhood. I use this as an example because this actually happened to me 😊.

Today ladies, think of a goal you want to work on. It could be weight loss, saving toward college, paying off debt, getting organized, finding a new job or any other personal goal. Then take a “baby step” toward accomplishing that goal. Now, the key here is for the step you choose to take to be different from other steps you’ve taken in the past that did not work. Try something different! Don’t do the same thing over and over if you find it has not worked for you because you will keep getting the same result.

Implement this strategy for accomplishing goals and watch how much progress you make!

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Until next time…

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