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My Cholesterol Is What??

I have my cholesterol checked at the beginning of each year as a part of my annual wellness checkup. When the nurse told me my cholesterol was

123. I said, “Say what?!!” I was so happy!!! I thought my cholesterol level of 139 last year was great but my current reading confirms that the healthy things I do for myself and my family are positively impacting our health.

I also lost 6 inches off of my waistline!

Even though I have not seen downward movement on the scale (my weight) that doesn’t mean my health is not improving…which is what we tend to think.

Let me share some of the things I do for good health.

Take Vitamin C daily. I buy the gummies.

Drink Elderberry syrup every other day.

Include vegetables with every meal. I buy frozen vegetables, boil them and serve them as is. No salt or other added seasonings.

Cook/ Prepare my own meals versus buying take-out meals.

Try not to use salt. I opt for seasoned powders such as onion, garlic and curry powders for flavor. I’ve been told pink salt is a good option for people who love salt.

Drink water to stay hydrated. I also hydrate with alkaline water and Gatorade because these drinks contain extra electrolytes and minerals.

Feel free to Comment below sharing something you do to stay healthy. Also, join my email list by subscribing below with your email address. Get first access to my upcoming QuickStart guide to a better-organized you! Good organization affects all aspects of your life including your finances, so it’s important.

To Good Health!

A Frantic Mom 💜

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